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The town of Corseit has a research and development team tasked with finding a way to a mysterious floating ruin in the sky called “The Unexplored Ruin”.  Escha Malier has lived in Corseit her entire life and has been practicing alchemy.  On her first day of work with the R&D team she gets teamed up with a transfer from the Center (the capital city) named Logix Fiscario who goes by Logy.  As they try to figure out how to reach the ruin in the sky, they are tasked with various jobs around the area, meeting new people and growing along the way.

Atelier Escha & Logy is based off of a JRPG of the same name and of the game adaptations that i have seen, it is one of the better ones.  The story is cohesive and well thought out, and even the episodes that stray from the main story have some influence later on.

There are some quirky moments in the show that only someone who has played one of the atelier games would understand. I.E. Escha pours a bunch of different things into her cauldron and after stirring and letting it sit, she lifts out a beautiful apple pie or cake.  It’s a fun nod to the games and not something that I think people who watch without having played the games would get too worked up over.  It’s a world of magic and alchemy after all!

Escha is a bright and bubbly girl who is fairly skilled at alchemy due to her mother’s tutelage.  She often is the one to encourage those around her and help them get through the tough trials that they face.  She is stubborn and determined to help anyone who needs her and inspires those around her to do the same.

Logy is stoic and strong, the muscle in the pair, but smart as well.  He protects Escha as best he can and supports her.  He doesn’t like to talk about why he transferred out to Corseit, but that event plays a large part in shaping the person he is in the present.  While Escha practices more traditional Alchemy, Logy specializes in Alchemic Weapons.

The supporting cast of this show is strong.  Some highlights include Wilbell voll Erslied, a witch who tries to hide her magic and continuously fails, Linca the ridiculously strong warrior with a bottomless stomach, and Marion, the experienced leader of the development team.

I found the art style and color palette of this show to be pleasant.  Bright colors and lush backgrounds makes it easy on the eye.  The animation is fluid and the action is good.  The music of this anime is great.  It was quite adaptive to the situation with electric guitar during the battle scenes to provide energy, while during the moments around town we get wind instruments and piano, allowing us to connect with the calm atmosphere thats presented.

Atelier Escha & Logy is show that i didn’t have high expectations for going into it, but was pleasantly surprised with.  It’s story is interesting with a lot of fun elements and ends up conveying some interesting thoughts on issues like mankind’s effect on nature and the world.  The characters are fun and interesting and while the show isn’t going to change lives, it is a fun watch if you want a change of pace from more the more serious shows out there. The end was a little bittersweet for me and wrapped up nicely, but it left me wanting more.

As a fan of the Atelier franchise, this show has a lot of good nods to the show, but I don’t believe that someone unfamiliar with it loses anything.  An overall solid show.


TL;DR: Atelier Escha & Logy is a solid adaptation of a beloved game. It’s fun characters and story make it easy to watch, and while it doesn’t do any one thing superbly, it does everything well. For Japanese RPG adaptations, this is one of the better that I’ve seen!

Recommended Audiences: This anime is safe for all audiences! It’s fun and clean nature makes it accessible for all audiences! If you’re a fan of fantasy and/or magic, or just like to watch fun things, definitely give this one a go!

Atelier Escha & Logy mixes fun and fantasy in the cauldron and produces a  3.5/5 HP



Episodes – 12
Aired –  April 2014
Director – Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Studio – Studio Gokumi
Genres – Fantasy
Streaming –

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Lover of anime, games, sports, and more, I chose to share my passion through writing and recording. Ditching my ordinary job, I currently go to school to learn coding so I can make sick websites and kick-ass games in the future.

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