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This review may contain what some might consider spoilers for the show. It’s a slice of life, though, so there isn’t anything major to spoil really!

The town of Aomori is a small, quiet, beautiful country town in Japan.  Peaceful in atmosphere, this town is the perfect place for a young witch in training to spread her wings and learn.  Makoto is a young witch in training, and moves to Aomori to live with her extended family and take in everything that this wonderful little town has to offer.  Flying Witch is a simple and relaxing anime about what Makoto and her friends and family experience in life, and teaches us how to find enjoyment and wonder in the smaller and simpler things in life.

Flying Witch is full of wonderful characters, and in this style of show the characters are what determine the quality of the show.  Our main girl, Makoto, could be described as slightly air-headed, as she has no sense of direction, but very kind and excitable, especially when it comes to learning new things.  She is a hard worker, as evident by her desire to set up a garden, as well as determined and doesn’t back down from something until she gets the hang of it.  When she arrives in Aomori, she stays with some relatives of hers that live there: her aunt and uncle, as well as the adorable Chinatsu and the dependable Kei.

Rounding out the cast are a fun and interesting group of characters. I loved Nao and her adorableness that comes from her slightly country-girl nature. The first time that she meets Makoto is priceless, as she doesn’t quite know how to process a girl flying out of the sky on a broom!  Makoto’s sister Akane was a riot at times as well.  Her lackadaisical personality provides good comedy since she often will do something with no thought about possible consequences. Akane’s friend Inukai is a perfect example of this. Inukai got turned into a dog-girl during the day due to some magic-spiked chocolates that Akane failed to prevent her from eating when they were drunk.

We also get more fantastical characters like the Harbinger of Spring, who may look suspicious at first, but is very kind.  There’s a fox spirit who loves winter cherries, the super shy ghost waitress Hina, and the Veil of Darkness, who’s looks also betray her kind personality.  We also can’t forget the lovable companions of our witches, the cat familiars Chito and Kenny!

My personal favorite character is without a doubt Anzu, the daughter of a lady who runs a cafe for witches and other supernatural beings.  She is absolutely adorable, and even though she didn’t get much screen time until towards the end of the show, she stole the show and my heart.  Her timid nature meshed well with the rest of the cast, bringing an even better sense of balance.

Flying Witch exudes vibes of relaxation.  The art is beautiful with colorful and detailed backgrounds and environments that are based off of real-life locations.  The atmosphere of the show is calm, the music fitting perfectly in with the peaceful nature of the anime, and when describing the pace of the show, what some would call slow, I would call deliberate.

There is no real overarching plot, though the constant theme of Makoto learning how to be a proper witch is present.  It’s fun seeing her learn how to properly ride a broom, visit a cafe for witches, or watch Akane teach her some spell and have it go horribly wrong.

For a show named Flying Witch, there is  surprisingly little magic in the show, and I love it for that. They don’t try to force it down your throat that this is a world full of magic by showing something flashy and magic-like ever other minute.  Rather, they sprinkle the fantastical occurrences and bits of magic throughout the show, and focus more on the characters and the world and the relationships.

The art and music in this show are fantastic.  The backgrounds are gorgeous.  Aomori is a country town and that is very apparent from the set pieces.  Lush greenery and older looking buildings really give a sense of calm that you don’t get from anime set in bigger cities.  I absolutely adore the character designs in this show.  They do a type of shading on the characters noses that I haven’t seen done before, and it really worked for me.

When all is said and done, Flying Witch is a wonderful addition to the slice of life genre, and we can only hope that we will get more from the cute country town of Aomori in the future.  Season 2 when?

TL;DR: Flying Witch is a standout addition to the Slice of Life genre with its beautiful set pieces and relaxing atmosphere.  The characters are what make the show, however, and the cast is made up of fun, adorable, and funny characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Recommended Audience: Anyone and everyone or all ages can watch this show. Some may find it too slow for their tastes, however.

Flying Witch shows us a world of wonder and flies its broom to a 4/5




Episodes – 12
Aired –  April 2016
Director – Katsushi Sakurabi
Studio – JC Staff
Genres – Slice of Life, Magic, Comedy, Supernatural


Crunchyroll  JC Staff – MAL

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